If we’re being honest, most of America has a negative opinion of mobile homes. It’s understandable because there’s more negative news coverage than positive, and most people don’t know how the industry has progressed.

For those of us who do, mobile homes are more than just alternative dwellings. They are lifestyles that offer us everything we wanted in a home and more. These 6 mobile home bloggers will help change the way you look at mobile homes.

Country Chic Makeover

Photo Courtesy of “My Heart’s Song”.

Don’t miss these stunning photos of a renovated 1 bedroom, 2 bathroom single wide home. This retired couple knew they wanted to downsize and when they decided on a mobile home, they knew  a major renovation was in store. From gaudy wallpaper to green counters, they turned this single wide mobile home in a beautiful haven.


Fleetwood Fabulous 

Photo Courtesy of My Mod Mod Mobile Home.

When this couple retired, they sold their large home and had to move into their “spare digs”. Kim wasn’t thrilled with the idea of living in a mobile home, unhappily referred to as a trailer. The before and after pictures will blow your mind as they create a space that’s unique, fresh, bright and modern.



Say Goodbye to Rentals

Photo Courtesy of Apartment Therapy.

This young couple was tired of renting, so they decided to “screw convention”. They purchased a smaller 750 square foot home and worked to make it their own. It has a definite unique and hipster vibe, but the clean lines with white and pops of color make it a fun space. Check out the awesome transformation and find out how mobile homes are for everyone.


Mobile Home on the Farm 

Photo Courtesy of Mobile Home Woman.

This isn’t a makeover story, but it’s nice to see a family living on a beautiful farm in their cozy mobile home. This family has lots of animals and has a nice little Etsy shop, too. You can follow their adventures and see the big lifestyle you can live in a mobile home.

A DIY Mobile Home Adventure
Photo Courtesy of My Mobile Home Makeover.
See how this couple is making a double wide mobile home their own one project at a time. Watch as they learn and love on their adventure. The best part of their blog is that they are trying to help others who want to renovate their mobile homes as well.
5 Mobile Home Blogs That Will Change the Way You Look at Mobile Homes

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