Here at Newby Management, we pride ourselves on being able to bring our management skills and philosophy to every community we manage, no matter the category. Our management portfolio consists of Age-Restricted (55+), Resident-Owned, RV, and All-Age communities. In total, Newby manages almost fifty different communities throughout the state of Florida!

55+ Communities

It’s no secret Florida is the perfect place to retire! Whether you are looking for a place to relax near the beaches, in a secluded community, or somewhere with lots to do in the area, we have over thirty 55+ communities throughout the Sunshine State.

Resident-Owned Communities

In a resident-owned community, each household is a member of the community and an equal owner of the land. As a group, the residents own the land but own their own homes individually. Our experienced Regional and Community Managers work with the resident boards/committees of the six different resident-owned communities in our portfolio to ensure they get the most out of their investment.

RV Resorts

We also have eight RV resorts in our portfolio that stretch across the state from Tallahassee down to Cortez. These RV resorts can act as a quick stop for RVers passing by or as a vacation destination for the winter season. Our RV resorts feature many amenities such as pools, grill stations, shuffleboard courts, clubhouses, and much more!

All-Age Communities

Lastly, our portfolio consists of eleven all-age communities throughout Florida. These communities feature affordable housing in great locations such as the Tampa/St. Petersburg area.