Team; More Than a Catchword


Here at Newby Management, we hear the term “team” used a lot.


The idea or concept of teamwork is a biblical principal that we can see modeled by the church when it is functioning properly. The term team comes from the early industrial / agriculture world. It refers to the use of animals being used in groups to pull in unison to accomplish a task.


For a company that desires to model itself after the direction of scripture, teamwork is an important principal.


I encourage you to take the time to read I Corinthians 12-14-26.  The Apostle Paul truly brings to light the importance of recognizing the importance of those that make up a part of the whole… or the “team.”


Recently, I asked our corporate staff during a devotion “Why would any of us be here if it wasn’t for the position and task of another?”


A fresh look at these truths have helped me gain new perspective. It has made me ask the question; “How can I be more cognizant of the team and their individual contribution to the whole?”

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