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More Than a Resolution

New Year 2022

So often today I find that the heart of Christians is in the right place but their priorities regarding life are skewed. It doesn’t take long for misplaced priorities to impact the relationship one has with those around them, it doesn’t take long for misplaced priorities to impact you personally, and ultimately it doesn’t take long for misplaced priorities to impact the relationship we have with God.

Our answer to misfocused priorities is resolutions. Often at pivotal points in life, whether it be tragedy or triumph, maybe an event, a point in time such as the onset of a new year we are driven to look inward at the lives we lead. We often see things there in need of improvement, change and redirection. The outcome: a resolution to lose weight, get healthy, save more money, be a better person, the list goes on and on. Many times, these resolutions last until the next buffet or someone gets on your last nerve.

Here’s a challenge for you as you reflect on the past year and the approaching New Year. Rather than subject yourself to the vanity of a resolution, seek to do all things righteously before God. So often our choices in life are determined through one of two lenses, either the lens of religion or the lens of relevancy. I challenge you to process those same choices in righteousness. You see religion and relevancy deal with who we are on the surface, the temporal. Righteousness deals with who we are on the inside at the core of who we are, that which is eternal.

When religion or relevancy drive our decisions about time, energy, and money and these decisions are first run through the gauntlet of our wants, wishes and wills. What comes out at the other end is what’s left for the Lord. When we dictate the parameters of what is righteous based on the necessities of our lives coming first, we miss out on the best God has for His children.

I pray you have a great 2023! As you make righteous decisions, I trust God will increase you.

Happy New Year!

Chaplain, Barry Campbell

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