My wife and I are in the middle of moving from the east coast of Florida to the west coast. Right now we are waiting to find out the exact time we close on our new house. Our understanding was that it would be this coming Monday. We just needed the time so we could reserve the moving truck and tell the people who are going to help us what time we need them. A pretty simple plan, until I spoke with our realtor today.

She told me that the closing would be delayed by a week! A week? I told her that would be very difficult for us because we’ve already been staying with various family members for what would be two weeks, now we have to wait one more week? Sensing my concern she said, “Wait, let me check something.” Then she said, “Oh, I’ve got it wrong. The closing IS on Monday after-all!”

Boy, was I relieved! My realtor had my mind racing as to where my wife and I were going to stay, how we were going to manage with our stuff in storage for another week etc.

Listening to the wrong message can get us pretty upset leading us to make unhealthy choices. Sometimes the voices speaking false information to us are our own negative thoughts, our parents or teachers from decades ago or someone who wants to bring us down for a variety of reasons.

The thought for this blog is simple. Be careful as to the voice you listen to each day. Ask yourself, “Is what I’m listening to true? Is it fact or opinion?” Also, consider the source by asking yourself, “Does this person speaking into my life have a pattern of genuine care and concern for me or not?” If the answer is “no.” Then disregard what they are saying. You can’t trust their insight or motives. If what they said stays with you then ask a trusted friend if the observations ring true. If they disagree with your initial critic then let it go.

Corporate Chaplain
Mike Bynum

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