I heard an interesting story on the radio this morning. Allow me to give you the short version. A husband and wife were on their way to travel across the United States to visit the husband’s daughter. What a great trip this would be. But there was one major problem, the plane took off without his wife. That’s right, he left his wife at the airport.

The problem was that she wanted to get a Starbuck’s coffee even though she didn’t really have time to do so. Sure enough, after repeated calls by her husband to hurry or she’d miss the flight, he made one more call telling her to go to the ticket counter to purchase another ticket and come later because he left without her.

That seems pretty harsh, but the husband might argue that the last time they tried to visit his daughter his wife wanted to get a Starbuck’s coffee and because of the long line they both missed the flight and had to catch another flight two days later. He was determined not to miss any more time with his daughter, whom he hadn’t seen for three months. Oh, she took the next flight only to arrive to give him the silent treatment for the next week!

My thoughts go to the famous African Proverb, “If you want to go fast, go alone, if you want to go far, go together.”

The husband got to his daughter’s faster because he went alone but I bet it wasn’t long till he eventually thought, “I better go together” next time!

The Proverb is not only true but wise. “If you want to go far, go together,” meaning you will have the help, encouragement, and support along the way, which will keep you going in the right direction. Actually, there is another similar saying that is found in the Bible. It’s found in Ecclesiastes 4:9-10, “Two people are better off than one, for they can help each other succeed. If one person falls, the other can reach out and help. But someone who falls alone is in real trouble.”

As you read that biblical quote you might say, “That sounds like team work.” You would be right if you did. There are allot of benefits if you go through life as a teammate whether in your friendships, your marriage or in your career.

I’m happy to say that as a Newby Management employee I feel more like a teammate rather than an employee. I see it daily among my Newby Management teammates with words of encouragement and affirmation and supportive collaborative actions.

No matter your association with Newby Management, you’re part of a winning team!

Corporate Chaplain
Mike Bynum

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