More than just Property Management

A truck with three pallets pulls up. The pallets are filled with nearly 4,000 food items. Newby Management team members begin to file in and out of the building unloading boxes ranging from peanut butter to cans of soup. They place each food item in its assigned spot, in what is normally the conference room but today it looks more like an assembly line. The food is then broken out of it’s packaging to pack into food bags.  After all the food is unloaded, one by one each team member of the corporate staff walks around the table assembling bags of food. The whole process takes the team members a little under an hour. After all the packing has taken place there are 143 bags that are packed and ready to go out to residents.

These food bags will now go out into more than 20 communities throughout the state from Tallahassee to Fort Myers. Each bag will be personally delivered by a corporate team member to the communities. Inside each bag there is food that will go to a resident in need.

The Monday after a Thanksgiving weekend, Newby Management takes the time to pack food for those who have a hard time during the holiday season. In packing these bags Newby Management lives out its statement of purpose. “Sharing the Love of Christ, While Providing Unique Management Services for the Manufactured Housing Industry.”


The heat of summer is sizzling upon us. In a couple of weeks, we will officially declare it summer and kick off our summer BBQ season.  At Newby, we love hosting chicken BBQs. The reasons we choose summertime for the BBQs is that during the summer our parks have a slower, more laid-back atmosphere.  We tend to plan renovations, improvements, and things that sometimes require our residents to be more flexible.  The BBQs are a simple way to say thank you.

We also like to think of it as a temptation to get our snowbird friends to stay a bit longer, though they seem to prefer going home for the season. We will keep trying though!  A tradition that our residents may not realize is that the summer BBQ season is also the kick off of employee training.   We gather our managers and give them an opportunity to fellowship and learn together.  They meet all day and the topics vary from year to year but cover the essentials of managing with excellence.  Sometimes the summer training includes specific tips for hosting a BBQ experience.  This might include teaching where to buy the meat and how to prepare the meat and sides.  Last year, it even led to a baked beans contest amongst the communities.

White and dark meat are BBQ staples. If you prefer plain chicken, sure it will be good, but if you have enthusiastic taste buds, try having some Sweet Baby Rays BBQ sauce on your chicken.  You will not walk away hungry. There will be beans, potato salad, dinner rolls and well-portioned slices of cake.

Over the years, the themes of the BBQ have paved the way for cakes to become just as elaborate. It is almost an unspoken competition to have the most unique themed cake.  By the way, the cake cutting has also become somewhat of an art form.  It might seem like they are joking when you hear someone being asked if they are qualified to cut the cake, but it is always asked with a hint of seriousness.

As you can imagine, a lot of logistics go into planning multiple BBQs across the state of Florida. Team members from the corporate office tow the grill to each community and work alongside the community manager to host this delicious chicken feast. In some larger communities, our team may cook over 400 pieces of chicken.  This means we start at dawn and turn the grill four times!

While the BBQs are indeed delicious, we use these as opportunity to serve and express our gratitude for the people living in our communities. Servanthood is one of the core values at Newby Management.  We are looking forward to another year of BBQs!

To see our full statement of purpose visit:

This One Idea Will Change The Way You Interact with Residents

resident relations, serving residents, manufactured home community, 55+ community Florida, property management, manufactured home property management, RV property ManagementEach morning, one of our community managers tours his community in a golf cart to see if any resident’s haven’t picked up their newspaper. Why does he do this? It’s a simple act that goes a long way in anticipating resident’s needs.

At Newby Management, this is one of our Three Steps of Service: “Anticipate and meet resident needs. Know your community family well enough to provide service even before they ask.” This means that you should pay extra attention to the sick elderly resident’s home. A paper left on the driveway for them could be a lot more serious than for other residents.

Getting to know your community is an essential part of being able to anticipate needs. For sick or elderly residents, a newspaper on the driveway could signal a need for help. For other residents, it could simply mean that they are out of town or on an early morning walk.

Anticipating needs comes in all shapes and sizes, from offering ice cream bars to residents at the pool to helping an elderly resident with home repairs. For instance, if residents love hanging out at the pool, but the furniture is old and rickety it might be time to consider purchasing new pool furniture. Also, we use the taller comfort pool furniture when possible. Waiting to make changes until residents have started complaining or have stopped coming to the pool entirely is too late.

Small acts of service can mean the difference between good customer service and great customer service. Finding new ways to serve residents should be exciting, and it’s the job of all team members to keep it that way.

Every team member should make it a priority to anticipate resident needs. Empower your team members to act on opportunities to go above and beyond for residents. This could mean stopping to help a resident locate a nearby service or walking with a resident to show them where the library is located.

If you host a weekly staff meeting, encourage your team members to share what they have done to meet resident’s needs. This will not only offer you an opportunity to praise them, but it will also give other team members good ideas. Be sure to encourage team members when they are engaging in excellent customer service.

At Newby Management, our team is constantly striving to serve our residents in new ways. We train our team members to take initiative, to anticipate resident needs and to create great communities. In fact, at a recent meeting we came up with tons of ways our community managers are already putting these theories into play.

How do your manufactured home communities anticipate resident needs?

How to Track Resident Satisfaction in Your Manufactured Home Community

Happy residents, property management company, Florida property management, manufactrued home property management, mobile home property management, RV property management
Happy Residents are the Key to Successful Communities.

Happy residents can make or break a community. After all, even in this digital age, word of mouth is still the best marketing tool. In fact, most people now turn to online groups and forums for advice rather than advertising, marketing, friends or relatives.

For a manufactured home community owner or operator, this is more important than ever. Resident satisfaction should not only be measured, but evaluated on a yearly basis. It should be done with a tested tool, such as the Insight Track Survey (TM), which was developed by Newby Management and the University of Florida.

As a property management company, we measure our success on a number of factors, but one of the biggest is resident satisfaction. Each year, our team sends out postcards to residents in each of our communities across Florida, giving them a code to sign in anonymously to an online survey.

From there, we ask residents to indicate on a scale from 1-10 how satisfied they are with several aspects of the community, including:

  • Community Appearance
  • Community Management
  • How Safe They Feel
  • The Value They Receive
  • The Amenities They Enjoy
  • Whether They Would Recommend the Community to a Friend
  • Space for Free-form Comments
Our team works diligently to complete the surveys in February while our winter visitors are still here. This gives us as many responses as possible so we can analyze trends and look for actionable items. It allows us to work with manufactured home community operators to improve their communities in ways that will matter most to residents.
Today more than ever, residents expect a quality experience. This is especially true for residents who are looking for adult living communities. These are not the retirees of the past. The expect a wide range of activities that vary from bingo and shuffleboard. They are younger, more vibrant and more technology-friendly. For adults 55+, a community should be an experience, not just a place to live.
For the younger generation, they are looking more and more to non-traditional housing. In the past, young adults generally didn’t consider the idea of living in a manufactured home. Today, they are seen as viable and affordable housing options for a generation that is struggling to enter the housing market.
As we watch the manufactured housing industry grow and change, it’s important to stay on top of what consumers want. As manufactured home community owners and operators, we understand that finding the time to assess these trends can be daunting. That’s why we developed and utilize the Insight Track Survey (TM) on a yearly basis to help our communities be as successful as possible.
The attainment of our approach can be seen in our current resident satisfaction. At Rolling Greens, a 55+ golf community in Ocala, Florida, residents are happier than ever. With the help of ownership, we have taken on numerous capital improvements to the community, including a new clubhouse, new pools, better roads, tree trimming and new 2016 model homes.
“We think Rolling Greens is the nicest manufactured home community in the Ocala area, “said Phyllis & Bob A, Rolling Greens residents.  “Many upgrades to the facilities have been completed & are continuing to be made. New homes now are offered, older homes are being updated, & the old deteriorated homes are being removed. We’re very happy we bought a home here.”
Comments like these can be found at our communities across the state. Stay tuned this month as we discuss the different ways we handle resident relations at Newby Management. If you’re interested in our other property management services, please email us at We look forward to making better communities together.

5 Mobile Home Blogs That Will Change the Way You Look at Mobile Homes

If we’re being honest, most of America has a negative opinion of mobile homes. It’s understandable because there’s more negative news coverage than positive, and most people don’t know how the industry has progressed.

For those of us who do, mobile homes are more than just alternative dwellings. They are lifestyles that offer us everything we wanted in a home and more. These 6 mobile home bloggers will help change the way you look at mobile homes.

Country Chic Makeover

Photo Courtesy of “My Heart’s Song”.

Don’t miss these stunning photos of a renovated 1 bedroom, 2 bathroom single wide home. This retired couple knew they wanted to downsize and when they decided on a mobile home, they knew  a major renovation was in store. From gaudy wallpaper to green counters, they turned this single wide mobile home in a beautiful haven.


Fleetwood Fabulous 

Photo Courtesy of My Mod Mod Mobile Home.

When this couple retired, they sold their large home and had to move into their “spare digs”. Kim wasn’t thrilled with the idea of living in a mobile home, unhappily referred to as a trailer. The before and after pictures will blow your mind as they create a space that’s unique, fresh, bright and modern.



Say Goodbye to Rentals

Photo Courtesy of Apartment Therapy.

This young couple was tired of renting, so they decided to “screw convention”. They purchased a smaller 750 square foot home and worked to make it their own. It has a definite unique and hipster vibe, but the clean lines with white and pops of color make it a fun space. Check out the awesome transformation and find out how mobile homes are for everyone.


Mobile Home on the Farm 

Photo Courtesy of Mobile Home Woman.

This isn’t a makeover story, but it’s nice to see a family living on a beautiful farm in their cozy mobile home. This family has lots of animals and has a nice little Etsy shop, too. You can follow their adventures and see the big lifestyle you can live in a mobile home.

A DIY Mobile Home Adventure
Photo Courtesy of My Mobile Home Makeover.
See how this couple is making a double wide mobile home their own one project at a time. Watch as they learn and love on their adventure. The best part of their blog is that they are trying to help others who want to renovate their mobile homes as well.

Do You Have to be 55 to Live in a 55+ Community?

55+ communities, florida retirement community, florida 55+ communityThinking of moving into a retirement community? Then you might be wondering how the 55+ rule actually works. We’re giving you a run down on how the law applies to you.

If you’re looking at retirement communities they are probably consider 55 and over communities. For some people, this is a great option for retirement. For others, it can be an issue if they have people younger than 55 living with them.

In Florida 55+ communities there is a federal law that governs all our age-restricted communities. According to this law, at least 80 percent of the occupied units must have at least one resident who is 55 years of age or older.

Anyone else living in the home can be no younger than the minimum age established for the community. Most commonly, that age is 45. This means that no one in the community can be younger than 45.

Now, this does not meant that you can’t have people younger than the minimum age visit. If your grandchildren come down, most communities will allow guests of any age for up to 15 days 2 times per year.

In general, you’ll find that 55+ communities are active, exciting and full of new friends. There are lots of options across the nation, so you’ll have to research to see what’s best for you. We can get you started with great homes for sale in our communities across the state of Florida. Visit to see what’s available.

5 Spring Spruces Your Manufactured Home Needs Now!

spring cleaning, manufactured home spring cleaning, manufactured home DIY, mobile home DIY, renovated mobile home, renovated manufactured home

It’s almost spring, and you might be looking for ways to spruce up your home. Whether you just moved in or you’ve lived there for years, here are some quick ways to give your home the perfect mini makeover.

Bringing some plants into your home can give it a breath of fresh air. Place them in nice vases or pots to add a pop of color. Just check to make sure they are plants that will do well indoors. If you’re looking for less of a commitment, try bringing home a nice bouquet of flowers instead.

Adding a nice area rug can change the entire feel of a room. Look online for different ways to position area rugs around the furniture in your house. Doing a little rearranging can make a room feel more open, more bright or more spacious.

Getting a new lampshade or a new lamp will make your old room feel like new. Try purchasing a different light bulb as well that doesn’t have a yellow tint to it for a brighter feel. If you have the money you can spring for a new light entirely. You can get something that will serve as an accent piece for the entire room.

Put up some shelves to display all your unique treasures. You can create your own shelves for a nice DIY project, or buy them to start decorating faster. Use fun colors to brighten up the room or display pretty books.

You don’t have to paint a whole room to make a huge difference. Choose a wall in your home and pick out a rich or fun color. These are called accent walls and they really help make a space look special and put together.

Look around and see how you can brighten up a room in your house for spring!

7 Must-See Tips for Giving Your New Construction Manufactured Home Character

Learn How.There’s nothing better than buying a brand new home. One that’s never been lived in before, one that is only yours, one that you will create beautiful memories in. But you might find yourself missing some of that charm that older homes have. Today’s new manufactured homes have lots of charming features, but adding your own personal touches can truly make your house feel like a home. We’ve scoured the web for some quick and cost-effective ways you can add some character to your new construction manufactured home.

manufactured homes, new manufactured homes, home decor, home decorating, new manufactured homes for sale

  • THE DOOR- There’s something so quaint about a red front door (or any bright pop of color you like). It can add so much style and character to your home, and it’s an easy fix! You only need to paint the front, and it’s easy to spray paint the handle and knocker if they end up clashing with your new color. But you don’t have to stop there! You can replace other doors in your home too with neat antique finds or even paint those as well. Just remember, you can always donate doors or other fixtures you replace to Habitat for Humanity or other organizations. Learn How.

manufactured homes, new manufactured homes, home decor, home decorating, new manufactured homes for sale

  • THE CABINETS- Painting your cabinets can transform your entire kitchen. Decide what look you want to go for and then choose a color that fits. Today, most cabinets in new manufactured homes are solid wood, which means they will be easy to paint. As you can see in the picture above, the cabinets are newer and look nice, but the people wanted a cleaner white cabinet. Learn How.

manufactured homes, new manufactured homes, home decor, home decorating, new manufactured homes for sale

  • THE HARDWARE- This is a really easy and super cheap fix. You can change out the hardware in the kitchen, on doors, in the bathroom and anywhere else you see fit! Once you’ve decided on colors for the cabinets you can change out the fixtures to match. The picture above shows a great concept that someone did, which includes painted cabinets and stylish gold fixtures. Learn How.

manufactured homes, new manufactured homes, home decor, home decorating, new manufactured homes for sale


  • THE EXTRA ROOM- Many new construction homes come with dens or offices that don’t have doors. We love the idea of putting a large sliding farmhouse door in the entrance of your den or office. It will make it so the space can be separated if someone is working or visiting your home, but can also be left open during normal days to get the house a light and open feel. Learn How.

manufactured homes, new manufactured homes, home decor, home decorating, new manufactured homes for sale

  • THE NOOKS AND CRANNIES- You might find that your new construction home doesn’t have unique storage options. It may be lacking custom built-ins with character and charm that make homes feel, well, homey. Pinterest is full of ideas to convert everything from doors and closets to amazing nooks perfect for storage or displaying your favorite pieces. It can add some special features to your home that will make it feel custom-built. Learn How.

manufactured homes, new manufactured homes, home decor, home decorating, new manufactured homes for sale

  • THE BATHROOM- After you’re done painting counters and upgrading fixtures, you can give your mirror a face lift with this easy idea. Buy some stylish trim, and use it to build a beautiful frame for your mirror.It will have your bathroom looking luxurious in no time. But, you won’t want to miss this next tip, because it can help add an extra pop to your newly framed mirror. Learn How.

manufactured homes, new manufactured homes, home decor, home decorating, new manufactured homes for sale

  • THE LIGHTS- People have not purchased homes over something as simple as light fixtures.In this situation, you have two options. You can either paint your light fixtures to match your style, or you can buy new ones. As we suggested above, remember you can always donate this fixtures to Habitat for Humanity, or a similar organization, so they aren’t going to waste! You can see in the photo above how that light fixture went from drab to fab with an easy fix! Learn How.


5 Reasons Your Mobile Home Community Needs a Website

mobile home community property management, mobile homes, manufactured homes, property managementIf your mobile home community doesn’t have a website, you’re losing residents. This digital age calls for more than just a run-of-the-mill website. You need something that can be accessed on a number of different platforms, something that is responsive and image-heavy. Something that will get people to visit and to stay on your website. Still not convinced? Here are the 6 reasons your mobile home community needs a website ASAP.

  1. 24/7 Access

You can’t be available to your customers 24/7, but your website can. It’s somewhere they can go to find out information about your mobile home community and what it offers. If your website has enough information, they will likely stay to learn more about your community. They can also send an email, visit your social media accounts or call and leave a message to connect with you outside business hours.

2. Saves Time 

How many times do you answer the same question over the phone? What’s lot rent? Do you allow pets? Do you have a pool? Is your mobile home community 55+? When your website is informative, it helps save you time by answering potential residents common questions before they call. It will also help give people an idea of the community and help them make better decisions when they are looking for real estate in your community. Most importantly, it will free up your team to speak with people who are more like to become residents.

3. Credibility

Mobile home communities today that don’t have a website lack a certain amount of credibility. Unless people are familiar with your community already, they are much less likely to pick up the phone and call if you don’t have a website. A well-done, professional website will give you the credibility your community needs to bring in potential residents and help the current ones stay informed.

4. Advertising

While there is still a lot of benefit to traditional media advertising, having a website instantly sets you up as a global player, so people all over the world can learn about your community. Whether it’s people in your town or people several states away, your website will be accessible to them at any time on any device. This is a great investment and one that will give you a great start in the digital age of advertising. By providing great information on your website, you will get visitors for less than what you’d pay for traditional advertising.

5. Convenient 

Customers today aren’t going to drive around looking for your mobile home community. In fact, customers of all ages are more likely to turn to the internet than the TV or any type of traditional media. They want to convenience of turning on their computer, cell phone or tablet and being able to research what they want quickly and effectively. If your website is well-done, informative and responsive, you’ll find that more customers are willing to do business with you.
Not sure where to begin with your website? Contact Newby Management! We provide IT services for mobile home and RV communities. Check it out on our services page. 

5 Reasons to Buy a New Construction Manufactured Home

wp5k4J-NwcVp3w0fZpgELRb5aGguZVnFg41ws71UWiwNew constructions are all the craze. Everyone wants a dazzling new home with all the bells and whistles, but that comes at a cost. So, what if you could get a brand new home with everything you want for a fraction of the cost?

Brand new manufactured homes are perfect for families, active retirees and everyone in between. We’re going to tell you what you need to know about new construction manufactured homes.

1. Lots of Floor Plans

You can choose from tons of floor plans that will accommodate your needs. There’s homes with 1 or 2 bedrooms all the way up to 5 or more. You can find a split level home plan or one with all the bedrooms on the same side. It’s all up to you!
2. Home Warranty

8GEYBDJXQpMXBT7KmVmKLKog_oZIHv9QiKLVz1t4iDwHaving warranties is great, but what if your home came with one? Many new manufactured homes come with a warranty that could over a year. You’ll have great peace of mind knowing that your home is protected. This is a benefit you won’t get with older homes.

3. Go Green

Today, many new manufactured homes aren’t just built in an energy efficient way, they are built with green materials too. That means you are reducing your carbon footprint just by owning a home you love. In fact, manufactured homes tend to produce 30-40% less waste than site-built homes. That’s a great thing for the environment.

4. Mortgages

14432100173246More and more lenders are starting to offer mortgages for manufactured homes. New manufactured homes are often even easier to finance than older homes. This is giving more people the opportunity to buy a wonderful and affordable home.

5. Stylish and Sleek

We love the look of new manufactured homes. Depending on your price point, you could have a number of stylish upgrades from wood floors and granite counters to stainless steel appliances and crown molding. Many new homes have large open floor plans that are great for entertaining loved ones. These homes are made for people to live and love well.