5 Tips for Taking Professional Pictures of Your Mobile Home For Sale

Selling your home used to be about curb appeal. People want to drive up to a home and feel proud, they want to imagine themselves living there. Today, most home searches begin online, so curb appeal has become “pic appeal”. Does your mobile home have it?

Most people are not professional photographers and don’t have much more than a cell phone camera to take pictures. But using these tips, we hope you can give your mobile home the curb appeal it needs to sell fast!

1. Less is More!


People want to imagine themselves in the home. They can’t do that if your home is cluttered and dirty. Try to make the home look as open and clean as possible, this will help when you have showings as well. Remove or tidy up most of the personal items like pictures of family or knick-knacs. It’s nice to show a personal touch, but don’t let it take over the room!

2. Let the Sunshine In! 


Natural light will do wonders for your photos. Open up your blinds and turn on the lights in the home before taking pictures. Make sure it’s a nice sunny day outside so your pictures look bright and airy instead of gloomy.

3. What’s Your Angle?


Let’s talk about where you should stand:

  • For rooms, take pictures standing in the doorway. Try to get several photos if the room is large so people can see it from multiple angles.
  • Don’t forget to take photos of closets, etc.
  • Take exterior pictures at an angle, rather than standing in front of the mobile home. This gives people depth and lets them see the home better.
  • When it doubt, photograph it! Remember though, people want to see your mobile home, not what you have inside ti! They want to picture their own things there.
  • If possible, use a level surface or a tripod to take your pictures. The last thing you want is for your lines to appear sideways!

4. Get Low!


Professionals won’t want you to know this little secret, but be sure to get low. Kneel down and take pictures below eye level for more professional looking photos. It makes the room look bigger and gives people a great view. Some pros say about 40 inches off the ground will make your pictures look magazine ready!

5. People, Places and Things! 


Try to keep pets, people and things out of the images as well. Make sure your pets and family members are in a different room as you’re taking pictures! When you take a picture in the mirror, be sure to check the shot to see if you’re visible!


How to Achieve 100% Occupancy in Your Mobile Home Community


What do goals look like? Sometimes they are big, other times small, but whatever form they take on, goals are a great way to keep your company moving in a positive direction. One goal we focus on at Newby Management is achieving 100 percent occupancy in our communities.

Over the past several weeks, we’ve discussed many ideas on resident satisfaction in manufactured home communities. Some of the topics we’ve discussed included how Five Ways to Get Your Residents Involved in Your Manufactured Home Community and Five Ideas to Serve Residents in Your Manufactured Home Community.

Successful performance in there areas creates a platform for achieving 100 percent occupancy. As with most things, this requires more than a magic formula on operations or checking items off on a list. It all begins with adopting and owning the mindset that 100 percent occupancy is achievable.

A focused goal and deliberate set of actions or tasks will move you closer than you were before making it a goal. When the whole team is focused on this goal it is amazing how the thoughts and decision making processes change. All decisions have to be held up to the goal. For example how does this decision impact the goal? Does the action support or subtract from the goal?

Operators adopting such a goal need to make sure that there proper financial support for the goal? Should there be a serious investment in the amenity package? Is there deferred maintenance? Are the residents happy enough to refer other residents?

The entire team operating with one corporate focus moves a community closer to 100 percent occupancy. Decide today to make 100 percent occupancy a goal.

Property Management Company Chaplaincy Program

Rick Chaffin, Newby Management's Corporate Chaplain.
Rick Chaffin, Newby Management’s Corporate Chaplain.

Why does a property management company have a corporate chaplain? It’s about serving our team members and residents in a unique way by helping to meet their spiritual and emotional needs. Chaplaincy is often called the “ministry of presence” and that’s exactly what our chaplain, Rick Chaffin, has embodied for the past seventeen years.

At Newby Management, the chaplain doesn’t work by the hour, but rather by the need. Most years, this means putting nearly 40,000 miles on his car traveling across the state to our communities.  He visits team members frequently, establishing close Godly relationships with them, letting them know that counseling is available any time. Our chaplain also visits sick and bereaved team members and their employees, giving them comfort in times of need.

In our communities, the duties of the chaplain sometimes include voluntary bible studies, other times it involves sharing the word of God. Rick Chaffin is a great example of how a consistent, loving presence can help plant seeds and spread the word of God.

“I am 71 years old and Rick brought a new understanding to me of what a Christian is,” said John S.,

The chaplaincy program is about sharing the word of God.
The chaplaincy program is about sharing the word of God.

a community manager in a Newby Management community. “Rick’s stories of the bible are what makes me think about what I can do for my fellow man. I will be a better Christen now thanks to Pastor Rick”

The chaplaincy program at Newby Management is built around relationships that center on the Lord. This includes visiting residents in their homes for encouragement, problem solving, and witnessing. For many residents in our 55+ communities, this is an important and much-needed relationship, especially if they are living alone.

Newby Management knows that for struggling residents, finding help can sometimes be hard. That’s why we started delivering Christmas food bags for residents in need. It’s a big job that requires the hands of all corporate team members. The corporate chaplain is in charge of coordinating these efforts.

The chaplaincy program is about being of service in so many ways.
The chaplaincy program is about being of service in so many ways.

In 2015, the team packed an astounding 1,512 pounds of nonperishable food. It’s the kind of food most people take for granted, like peanut butter and jelly or oatmeal. But for some families, those staple items will go a long way.

The bags are personally delivered by a corporate team member, so the residents aren’t just getting food, they are getting encouragement too. While some residents need food care packages, others just need a bit of holiday cheer. For residents who had a difficult year, the team delivered fresh poinsettias to their homes. It’s just a simple reminder that they are being thought about during the holidays.

In each of our communities, and at our corporate office, the chaplain delivers CareNotes. These booklets cover topics like grief, family care, aging, recovery and forgiveness. For many team members and residents, they are a quiet ministry available to them in hard times.

The chaplaincy program is about remembering to have fun.
The chaplaincy program is about remembering to have fun.

But being the chaplain at Newby Management also came with lots of fun. In fact, many team members and residents remember a game fondly that involves throwing a chicken into a pot. It was a guaranteed laugh. Rick was a master of games during his many years at Newby Management, coming up with fun times for corporate events and meetings alike.

“It’s been a real pleasure getting to know Rick Chaffin,” said Sandi J. Gajewski, an administrative assistant at Carribbean Isles.”From his jovial, great sense of humor to his serious, sensitive and caring personality, he seems to cover all the bases.  At the company picnics he always encourages everyone to participate in the unique and crazy games when sometimes we don’t want to then we’re glad that we did.  They were always challenging and most of all fun!”

For Newby Management, the chaplain position is robust. It’s one that has been filled for seventeen years by a man who exudes godliness. It has grown and changed with the company, watching team members come and go, seeing the good times and the bad. It has lifted people up and been there for people in their most desperate times of need. It’s the godly glue that holds the team together and brings everyone closer to God.

Bringing New Manufactured Homes to Newby Communities

These aren’t your grandfather’s manufactured home. Toss everything you know about manufactured homes out the window, because new constructions break the mold. When we bring new homes to Newby communities we aren’t just adding places to live, we’re adding value to the community.


Over time, these homes will help elevate the value of individual homes as well. Currently, we are using the following builders: Skyline Homes (Ocala), Jaconsen (Safety Harbor), and Homes of Merit (Lake City).These quality homes are ushering in a new age of affordable living.

Compared to site-built homes, these new manufactured home constructions are greener, produce less waste and are more energy efficient. They include desirable options like high ceilings, open floor plans, stainless steel appliance packages,  walk-in closets and granite counters.

Builders like Skyline Homes dedicate themselves to quality and consistency. These manufactured homes are inspected frequently during the construction process to ensure they meet federal, state and local standards. Unlike homes built in the past, each home must comply with strict safety standards.

Manufactured homes are built to the Federal Manufactured Home Construction Safety Standards. The HUD code regulates the design, construction, structural durability, transport-ability, fire resistance, and energy efficiency of a home. It also covers performance standards for the mechanical, plumbing and electric systems.

Besides being safer and more well-built than older homes, these new constructions appeal to modern buyers. The beauty of the homes are beyond compare. Our new 2015 Skyline Home available in Magnolia Village exudes the quality and design many are after.


As you step inside you’re greeted by an open floor plan filled with natural light. You enter the living room and dining area and are lead directly to the kitchen. The eat-in island is perfect for entertaining guests or enjoying a nice brunch. With over 1,400 square feet of living space it’s hard to find value like this anywhere else.

This home’s asking price is $83,500. Similar site-built homes in the area are selling for around $150,000 and are often 20-30 years old. New manufactured homes truly present a fantastic option for affordable housing.

At Newby Management, we are excited to add hundreds of new homes to our manufactured home communities over the years to come. It’s an opportunity for us to add value to our communities, but also an opportunity for homeowners to find the value they deserve.


Finding the Right 55+ Manufactured Home Community in Florida

We’re giving you a sneak peek at our Guide to 55+ Manufactured Home Communities. Below you’ll find an outline of our chapters, along with part of the first chapter. If you love what you see you can download the e-book for free!

1. Retiring to a 55+ Manufactured Home Community pg 3
2. How the 55+ Rule Affects You pg 4
3. Types of Manufactured Home Communities pg 5
4. The Community’s Finances pg 6
5. The Community’s Amenities pg 7
6. Community Rules & Regulations pg 8
7. Community Fees / Your home & lot pg 9
8. Mobile Home Myths Debunked pg 10
9. Financing and Homes pg 11
10. Investing in the Right Home pg 11
Comparison Guide pg 13-14


Download Your Free E-Book Here!


Okay you’re looking for a mobile home community, right? You’ve probably scoured the Internet high and low looking for answers to your most basic questions. As if retirement and moving isn’t stressful enough! This guide will help you navigate through the lingo so you can make an informed decision for your future.

But first, you’re probably wondering who we are.  We’re Newby Realty, a sales division of a full-service property management company, Newby Management, and we’ve been serving mobile home communities in Florida since 1975. You can find homes for sale at www.NewbyRealty.com.

We can’t wait to get started and help you along your journey to finding your perfect home.

The Process of Finding the Perfect Home

Ebook Pic

The truth is finding the perfect home won’t happen overnight. If you’re still in the early stages of research you may not even know which state you like yet! That’s perfectly okay; in fact, we think that’s the best place to start. Begin with the bigger picture and consider which state will fit you best in retirement. The options are limitless! Okay, not really, but you do have 50 states from which to choose.

Owning Resident Complaints in a Manufactured Home Community

Nobody loves complaints. In fact, sometimes we want to be like little kids and stick our fingers in our ears, hoping that if we can’t hear the complaint it will just go away. Unfortunately, unresolved complaints only tend to become louder and more pronounced over time. That’s why it’s so important for team members to own resident complaints in their manufactured home communities.

imagesAt Newby Management, number 5 of our 10 team member requirements states “Any team member who receives a complaint ‘owns’ it. A one hour response time is mandatory!” This is such an important part of how our company handles complaints. It’s easy to feel as if a certain complaint is someone else’s problem, but when we take responsibility for them we are able to come together as a team to get them resolved.

For example, if someone on the sales team is out showing a home and a resident voices a complaint, it’s the responsibility of that team member to follow-up with the complaint. It can be as simple as letting the resident know that you will take care of it or alerting the appropriate party as soon as you’re done showing the home. If possible, the team member should send themselves a quick reminder about the issue so they remember to take care of it back at the office.

But the process shouldn’t stop there. The team member who received the complaint should either handle it or alert the person who can handle it. Then, the complaint needs to be dealt with in a timely manner. At Newby Management, we strive for a one-hour response time on complaints.

That’s why it’s so important for the person who received the complaint to follow-up on it. If the team member who you’re handing the issue off to is out of the office or unavailable it might be best to consider other options for dealing with the problem at hand.

The team member who first received the complaint should take it on as their own. This means staying with it until resolution. This could also mean talking to the other team members involved in the resolution to see how the situation could best be handled in the future.

The important thing is empowering all team members to handle complaints as they come. You want everyone to feel like they have the ability to resolve issues as they come up. When that happens, it takes pressure of the managers of manufactured home communities and allows for a faster response time.

How do you handle complaints in your manufactured home communities?

A Message from Newby Management’s Director of Sales

Optimized-Virgil-Mills-Cropped-600-ceb62eIt is hard to believe that I am approaching my first anniversary as Director of Sales for Newby Realty. It has been an exciting and challenging learning experience.

Newby Realty is a partner of Newby Management, which manages nearly 40 manufactured homes in the State of Florida.  Newby Management has stewardship of all-age family communities and 55+ communities.  The majority of these communities are land-lease, however, some of them are resident-owned communities.

The goal of Newby Management for each of its communities is ‘100% Occupancy’.  This means that it is Newby Management’s stated aspiration to manage in such an effective and diligent manner that every vacant lot will have a home, and every home will have an occupant.

Our goal at Newby Realty is to assist Newby Management in reaching its goal of ‘100% Occupancy”.  In order to achieve this goal, we also recognize that it is our responsibility at Newby Management and Newby Realty to continue to encourage our community owners to maintain and upgrade the community’s grounds and facilities on an on-going basis.

One of our communities in Ocala just recently completed a $6 million dollar capital improvement on its pools and community center.  Another $3 million project was completed in Sarasota this year.There have been many other community improvements this year throughout the Newby Management Portfolio.

As a realtor, I have worked in real estate, both commercial and residential, for several years.  There are many similarities in marketing manufactured homes and real estate.  However, there are differences, for instance, manufactured homes have titles like vehicles.

Usually, the buyer purchases the manufactured home in one of our communities and then pays lot rent.  Of course, the exception is in resident-owned communities where a share in the community can be purchased.  This is treated as a real estate transaction.

One of the most exciting things that I have discovered in my first year at Newby Realty is the quality, variety and choice available in new manufactured homes.  It is simply amazing. The homes are built so well and offer multiple choices in colors, floor plans, appliance packages, and pricing.

This past year our Newby Realty team has placed over 25 new homes in our communities.  These new homes have been placed throughout Florida in Newby Managed communities, such as, Fort Pierce, Winter Springs, New Smyrna Beach, Edgewater, Debary, Ellenton, Bradenton, Sarasota, Ocala, and Tallahassee. We are in the process of ordering more homes for arrival in early 2016.

For those who might be looking to spend a little less, many of our communities offer pre-owned homes for sale or rent.   Also, we are finding more and more buyers want to custom a home to fit their exact needs and tastes.  We are happy to accommodate that choice at Newby Realty.

In short, if you are considering a move to Florida, I encourage you to check out our website and Newby Management.com and check out our properties.  We are located in so many prime locations in the beautiful State of Florida.  Welcome to sunshine paradise.

Virgil Mills
Director of Sales
Newby Realty

Manufactured Homeowners Can Take Advantage of the Homestead Exemption

14432100173246Today, buying a manufactured home is better than ever.In fact, owning a modern manufactured home isn’t much different than owning a site-built home, except you’ll pay much less. Plus, some manufactured home owners can take advantage of Florida’s homestead exemption.

The Florida Department of Revenue states that a person who owns a property in Florida, and makes the property their permanent residence by January 1, is eligible for an exemption of up to $50,000.

That means that if you own the land your manufactured home is on, and you own your manufactured home, you could save a lot of money. When you couple that with the low cost of manufactured homes, lower property taxes and homestead exemptions, you can get some great deals.

Homestead exemption states the following:

  • The first $25,000 is exempt from all property taxes, including school district taxes.
  • The added $25,000 applies to assessed value over $50,000 and only to non-school taxes.
  • The value used to calculate your property taxes cannot increase by more than 3% annually once you receive homestead exemption.

New 2015 manufactured homes are built with craftsman materials and professionals. You’ll find modern upgrades and stylish designs that you wouldn’t believe. Plus, these new homes are a fraction of the cost you’ll see for site-built new constructions.

See amazing homes available at www.NewbyRealty.com.

Ocala Retirement Community’s New State-of-the-Art Community Center

When you think of a retirement community, what comes to mind? Do you see lonely shuffleboard courts, sleepy BINGO nights and disengaged residents? Not at Rolling Greens! They dare to blur the line between resort and retirement. From the amenities and events, to the people and places, this is a community you’re sure to love. So, we wanted to present you with eight things you need to know about the new Community Center!
1. The Energy Efficient Design
This state-of-the-art clubhouse is not only beautiful, it’s also energy efficient. LED lighting inside
12187656_1076822505702610_3013451220399799869_nand high-efficiency lighting outside are environmentally-friendly and cost effective. Florida is known as the sunshine state, and with that comes beautiful rays that heat things up. Low-E windows are more efficient than regular windows and help keep the heat out. The geothermal swimming pool heat pumps and AC system are energy efficient as well, and use the aquifer to heat and cool in an efficient and environmentally friendly manner.

2. Outdoor Amenities
12183011_1076823285702532_7666840381113180039_oEnjoy Florida’s beautiful weather at Rolling Green’s Aquatic Center. The heated therapy pool is perfect for water aerobics, volleyball and general activity. If you’re looking for more rigorous exercise, head to the lap pool, with three regulation lanes. Relax on our luxury pool furniture in this outdoor oasis as you spend time with friends or catch some rays. Live an active lifestyle with plenty of outdoor amenities like tennis, pickle ball, bocce, shuffleboard, and an 18 hole executive golf course. These amenities are surrounded by the community’s lush vegetation, so you’ll feel worlds away right in your own community.

3. A Place to Relax
Take a breath and relax in the lush paradise of Rolling Greens. We offer plenty of great places for you to unwind. Sip warm complimentary coffee or tea as you enjoy the coffee lounge and comfy seating in the social area. Kick up your feet and find a good book in the cozy library. Close your eyes and start anew in our steaming saunas. Soak up the delightful Florida sun poolside or let the spa soak your cares away. Whatever you choose, relaxation is waiting for you.

4. Fitness Center
Get ready to break a sweat in our new fitness center. The state-of-the-art Cybex International equipment is low-impact and perfect for all ages and skill levels. Watch TV on the large LED screens or listen to your favorite playlist while you work out and afterwards hit the men’s and women’s saunas to unwind. You’ll love this spacious and spectacular fitness center, located right in your own community.

5. Cutting-Edge Technology
12045286_1076822825702578_1420203602494523739_oThe Social Coordinator Kiosk combines cutting-edge technology with the fun culture of Rolling Greens to create a unique information center. The Kiosk will feature homes for sale, events in the community and much more!

6. Exciting Events
Each month, our full-time social director keeps our calendar buzzing with fun and exciting events. Meet new friends and have a blast when you attend holiday parties, bingo, game nights, movie nights and much more. There’s always something going on for you to enjoy.

7. Something for Everyone
The Community Center features a Fitness center, Locker Rooms, Saunas, Library, Coffee Lounge, Billiards room, Kitchenette, Social Kiosk, Card Room, and a Multi-purpose Room. Whether you want to play, party, or peruse there’s something for you! It’s open each day from 8 AM- 10 PM, so you’ll have plenty of time to do the things you love. Plus there’s free WiFi, so you can kick back and make yourself at home.
8. Free Coffee
What’s better than an afternoon pick-me-up? A FREE afternoon pick-me-up. Stop by the Community Center’s coffee lounge for some free coffee. There’s so much to do, you might as well stay awhile.

Not All Fort Pierce Mobile Home Communities are in Disrepair

14432100173246Is affordable housing for seniors a thing of the past? It’s a question that has been posed recently that isn’t without merit. The answer is a resounding no, if you know where to look.

Among the hundreds of mobile home communities along the U.S. 1 corridor sits a community that continues to defy the odds. Sandhill Shores is a 55+ manufactured home community that is giving seniors the chance to retire with dignity in an economy where it’s becoming increasingly difficult.

On empty lots, the community is installing three 2016 Skyline Homes. This not only gives residents affordable, new housing options, but also increases the value of the community as a whole. These award-winning homes are energy efficient and include modern upgrades like real wood cabinets and large walk-in showers.

This gated community is an oasis on the Treasure Coast. There’s a true sense of pride from the owners and managers to residents and guests. It’s this pride that has given the community the ability to stay ahead of the curve.

In 2004, Hurricane Charley left the community shocked. Beth Williams, a resident of 28 years, said it took weeks to repair the damage left by the catastrophic category 4 storm. And while many communities never recovered, Sandhill Shores faced the challenge head on.

Today, it’s a thriving and vibrant community that offers affordable housing to seniors. In 2013, the community took a leap and began hosting RV campers year-round. It’s these types of innovative decisions that make this community great.

While nearby communities are being turned into condos and apartments, Sandhill Shores is excited to see growth. Going into their second year with RV campers, they are almost completely booked for the upcoming season.

“This has been Our 2nd Season with RV’s, and it’s been an awesome experience,” said Maggie Stalhut, a long-time resident of Sandhill Shores. “The only thing that’s changed is that our family has grown, and is having more fun. They say that they’ve never felt this welcome, at any other RV Resort. They help us cook, clean, and share in everything, just as family does.”

Last year, the community amenities were renovated, keeping the property looking modern and pristine. Everything from the clubhouse and game room to the pool and fitness center were given new life.

In the current economy, the 55 plus community often has a difficult time finding homes that afford them the lifestyle they deserve. Sandhill Shores stands out from the crowd and residents love living there.

“Our community is full of caring people,” said Barbara, a resident of Sandhill Shores. “There are a lot of activities to attend, some of us work and can’t always participate but you are never made to feel out of place when you to get to be part of the group.”