Learn How.There’s nothing better than buying a brand new home. One that’s never been lived in before, one that is only yours, one that you will create beautiful memories in. But you might find yourself missing some of that charm that older homes have. Today’s new manufactured homes have lots of charming features, but adding your own personal touches can truly make your house feel like a home. We’ve scoured the web for some quick and cost-effective ways you can add some character to your new construction manufactured home.

  • THE DOOR- There’s something so quaint about a red front door (or any bright pop of color you like). It can add so much style and character to your home, and it’s an easy fix! You only need to paint the front, and it’s easy to spray paint the handle and knocker if they end up clashing with your new color. But you don’t have to stop there! You can replace other doors in your home too with neat antique finds or even paint those as well. Just remember, you can always donate doors or other fixtures you replace to Habitat for Humanity or other organizations. Learn How.
  • THE CABINETS- Painting your cabinets can transform your entire kitchen. Decide what look you want to go for and then choose a color that fits. Today, most cabinets in new manufactured homes are solid wood, which means they will be easy to paint. As you can see in the picture above, the cabinets are newer and look nice, but the people wanted a cleaner white cabinet. Learn How.
  • THE HARDWARE- This is a really easy and super cheap fix. You can change out the hardware in the kitchen, on doors, in the bathroom and anywhere else you see fit! Once you’ve decided on colors for the cabinets you can change out the fixtures to match. The picture above shows a great concept that someone did, which includes painted cabinets and stylish gold fixtures. Learn How.
  • THE EXTRA ROOM- Many new construction homes come with dens or offices that don’t have doors. We love the idea of putting a large sliding farmhouse door in the entrance of your den or office. It will make it so the space can be separated if someone is working or visiting your home, but can also be left open during normal days to get the house a light and open feel. Learn How.
  • THE NOOKS AND CRANNIES- You might find that your new construction home doesn’t have unique storage options. It may be lacking custom built-ins with character and charm that make homes feel, well, homey. Pinterest is full of ideas to convert everything from doors and closets to amazing nooks perfect for storage or displaying your favorite pieces. It can add some special features to your home that will make it feel custom-built. Learn How.
  • THE BATHROOM- After you’re done painting counters and upgrading fixtures, you can give your mirror a face lift with this easy idea. Buy some stylish trim, and use it to build a beautiful frame for your mirror.It will have your bathroom looking luxurious in no time. But, you won’t want to miss this next tip, because it can help add an extra pop to your newly framed mirror.
  • THE LIGHTS- People have not purchased homes over something as simple as light fixtures.In this situation, you have two options. You can either paint your light fixtures to match your style, or you can buy new ones. As we suggested above, remember you can always donate this fixtures to Habitat for Humanity, or a similar organization, so they aren’t going to waste! You can see in the photo above how that light fixture went from drab to fab with an easy fix! Learn How.

7 Must-See Tips for Giving Your New Construction Manufactured Home Character

4 thoughts on “7 Must-See Tips for Giving Your New Construction Manufactured Home Character

  • I love what you had to share here about giving your manufactured home a great look. It is my wife’s dream to be able to pick up everything and move on a whim and a mobile home would be able to help us with that. I think that giving the cabinets a makeover would be a great place to start because it can transform your whole entire kitchen, just like you said. Thanks again!

    1. What a beautiful dream! There are so many amazing manufactured home update ideas. And yes! That’s why we love painting cabinets and easy changes that make the home feel new.

  • My husband and I are thinking of moving into a manufactured home together, and your article had great tips to make a place like this feel at home. I liked how you said that we can either paint the current light fixtures in the home, or buy new ones. Thanks; we’ll keep this in mind if we buy a manufactured home.

    1. Thank you Jocelyn, if you have any questions feel free to give Newby Realty a call. They sell homes in many of our communities and should be able to help you find a home.

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