If you’re thinking of retirement, you may be looking into 55+ communities. It’s a big decision with lots of options, from community style to location. We think 55+ manufactured home communities are a great choice, and we’re going to give you 5 reasons to make the move!

1. Living in a Community of Peers

At Newby Management, we always notice that the people in our communities aren’t just neighbors, they are friends. Living in a community of your peers gives you tons of opportunities to make lifelong friends. Often times people can become secluded in retirement and lose touch with the outside world. 55+ communities put you in a position to be active, to have fun and to try new things.

2. Living an Active Lifestyle

When you start looking into 55+ communities, you’re going to hear the phrase “active lifestyle” quite a bit. Although this may seem like a marketing term, it’s actually something we see in our communities often. Especially in Florida, you’ll see people doing water aerobics, playing shuffleboard, tennis, horse shoes and much more! If you find a 55+ community with great amenities, you are sure to see people using them often.

3. Living Somewhere Safe

There’s no guarantee that your 55+ community will be safe, but on average they are much safer than your average community. Often times the community will have security cameras in common areas along with a courtesy patrol. Plus you’ll have watchful neighbors at most locations who take care of each other. Whether that means watering plants or watching your home while you’re away.

4. Living Where the Action Is

Maybe you love to explore the city or maybe you’re more of a homebody. Either way, 55+ communities offer great options. Most communities are located in or near cities with lots to do. But there’s often lots of great events right within the community for you to enjoy. Have fun with arts and crafts, shuffleboard competitions, dances, pot lucks and more!

5. Living Where You Save Money

If you’re living on a budget in retirement, you might be trying to find ways to save money. Living in a manufactured home community is one way to save money without compromising on the lifestyle you want. It’s all about finding the home and community that are right for you. A manufactured home community is much less expensive than other 55+ communities and you’ll find that it’s a great place to spend your retirement.

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5 Reasons to Live in a 55+ Manufactured Home Community

4 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Live in a 55+ Manufactured Home Community

  • My mom has been having trouble living alone at her home and it’s getting hard for me to constantly take care of her. I think a 55+ community could be a good place for her to live because of the active and safe environment. It’s something to talk to her about because I’m sure that if my brothers and I were still able to visit her, she would be welcoming to the idea.

    1. Our 55+ communities have a wonderful atmosphere where people take care of each other! They are great options for active adults looking to downsize and looking for community. Let us know if you have any questions, Tyler!

  • I really like your point that 55+ communities are much safer than your usual community. My grandparents currently live in a dangerous neighborhood. Their car has had its windows broken twice, so we really want to help them find a safe new home.

  • Hello, Leviticus! We are sorry to hear your grandparents live in such an unsafe neighborhood. Let us know if you have any questions about the move to a 55+ community. Have a good day!!

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