Today, manufactured homes are built with quality craftsmanship and materials. They are built by professionals in controlled environments, helping them produce excellent products with less waste.

These newer homes often include modern and luxury upgrades like granite counters, stainless steel appliances and garden tubs. They are built using strict guidelines, so in many cases they are just as safe, or safer, than site-built homes.

It’s easier than ever to get financing for a manufactured home, especially for newer homes. That’s why we think purchasing a manufactured home is even better than renting, especially if you’re in an apartment. Here’s just 5 reasons manufactured homes are better than apartments.

Let’s face it, manufactured homes get a bad rap. Even though modern day manufactured homes are totally different than their predecessors, people still can’t get over those old homes. But when it comes to making investments, we think mobile homes are better than apartments. If you’re renting an apartment, it’s a good time to consider purchasing a mobile home.

1. Your Own Space

Mobile Home

When you buy a mobile home, it’s yours. You can paint the walls and customize your home any way you like. Plus, you aren’t in close quarters with your neighbors. You learn all too quickly the schedules and habits of your neighbors in an apartment. Buying a manufactured home gives you a space that’s all your own.
2. More Bang for Your Buck

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In most cases, you’ll get more square footage, more storage and more options per dollar on a manufactured home than on an apartment. Today, manufactured homes often have two bedrooms and two bathrooms, a storage shed, a patio and large living areas. They feature open floor plans that create light and cheery spaces. Often times, you’ll pay more for rent in an apartment than you would for a mobile home mortgage. You’ll have the added advantage of knowing that your money is going to your home, not to your landlord.
3. A Backyard 
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The backyard on a mobile home located in Rolling Greens.
Not having a backyard is one of the most bothersome aspects of renting an apartment. When you purchase a manufactured home, you’re getting a backyard that you can enjoy. Whether you have dogs or just like to grill out on the weekends, a backyard can make a big difference. When you buy a manufactured home in Florida, you’ll find that you can spend a lot of summer nights enjoy your backyard. Plus, many manufactured homes come with screened in porches that feature ceiling fans, so you can be outside even on hot dogs. Invest in a corn hole game and invite neighbors over for a BBQ!
4. A Sense of Community 
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Residents raising the flag in honor of veterans in their community at Tuskawilla Trails.
Living in an apartment complex can make you feel very isolated. Often times you hardly see your neighbors and chances are you’ll never meet them. In many manufactured home communities, there are events, social activities and a true sense of community. Whether you’re a young family or enjoying retirement, a sense of community can keep you grounded. In Newby Management communities, we strive to create a strong sense of community through social activities. It fosters a family that many people don’t find in other communities.
5. Security and Stability 

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Renting an apartment can be a great option in the short term. It gives you flexibility if you aren’t ready to move to a permanent location. But when you’re ready to make a permanent move for your family or in retirement, buying a mobile home is a great option. It gives you so much value for your money, and you can feel more secure as a homeowner.
5 Reasons Manufactured Homes are Better Than Apartments

9 thoughts on “5 Reasons Manufactured Homes are Better Than Apartments

  • I didn’t realize that a model home can help you get more house for your money. It makes a little sense though because it is probably easier to build the same home over and over again instead of building custom homes. I wonder if you can make small changes to a model home when it is being built to make it feel a little more unique.

    1. You can always make changes after it’s built to make it feel more unique! Lots of people choose to save money buy getting a base model new construction home and then do DIY projects to make it their own. Check out to see some of the different things people have done with their mobile homes.

  • It’s interesting to learn that when it comes to getting a mobile home, that there are some benefits that can come along with it. I like how you mentioned that this will provide us more bang for our buck, by providing more storage and space for our little family. This is something that we will have to keep in mind when it comes to getting us a new place, and it will help us narrow down the options.

  • My husband and I have been debating what type of living situation we should invest in since we’re moving out of his parent’s basement. So I like how you point out that a mobile home actually comes with a backyard where we can have dogs or host BBQs. Since we both are desperate to get a Labradoodle like the one I had when I was little, I think we’ll definitely be getting a mobile home with a big backyard.

    1. That’s so exciting! Congratulations on taking the steps to becoming homeowners. It’s a big move, but manufactured homes are an amazing, and affordable opportunity. And your labradoodle will be excited about a big back yard! Cheers to your family!

  • I like that you pointed out that one of the advantages of living in a mobile home is that, unlike apartments, they don’t have the bothersome aspect of not having a backyard. My husband and I are considering moving into a manufactured home because we like the feel apartments have, but want a yard for our dog to run around in. I also think that having a backyard would be really nice for kids as well.

  • It’s great that this article mentions how you can get more value for the cost with a mobile home and it allows you to customize it however you want. This would be useful to be more comfortable in your space and to create a style that fits your personal tastes. When choosing one, it would probably be a good idea to figure out your budget, location, and other requirements so you can then start researching online to view mobile homes for sale and find one that fits your style in order to make sure you’ll enjoy living there.

  • It’s great that you elaborated on the benefits of mobile home living instead of apartments. I like how you said that buying a manufactured home gives you your own space to customize the way you want it. My sister is looking to move out of her apartment soon. She should consider looking at mobile homes.

  • It’s great to know that renting a mobile home lot in a park would allow me to enjoy having a backyard. I think I’ll rent one so I’ll know if I should purchase a home for the long haul. Currently, I’m not sure whether I should rent an apartment or own a house, so if this will help me determine what I should choose, then I’m willing to look for one.

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