You may remember I have been working through the revised core values of Newby Management. We come to V the fourth letter in our acrostic S.E.R.V.E representing the new core values. The tag line definition for this core value is “Striving for consistent personal and professional growth.” While it may seem directed solely at the employee / team member, however, a team member valued for the proper reasons adds value not only to Newby Management, but the property owner and the properties we manage for them as well.


I spent some time asking Newby Management employees this question; “How does a team member bring more value to the team? I received a myriad of answers. None of which were surprising, and most were spot on.


A team member brings increasing value to the whole (that is owner / investors, residents, and the entire Newby team) when they contribute to the organization in such a way it allows the company to expand its footprint. They contribute experience, capability, knowledge, performance, these are examples of areas impacted by a team member who understands the importance of each role and the task each of them does, which makes up this company,


However, value is not only found in the new and exciting, not only is it in the change, the letting go of the old and embracing the new! It is of equal value to remember from where we come. Regardless of the success or failure, the past is an educator for the future. A team member brings tremendous value to the organization when they can recognize the importance of those roots that have made the tree strong. Equally so they can see the dead wood in need of pruning. Considering Newby Management’s forty-seven-year history, there has been a lot of new seeds sewn and old limbs pruned over many years.


For a company trying to follow biblical principles Ephesians 4:11-16 is a great passage to look at when considering the value, a team member brings to an organization. Of course, this passage is referencing the Church and Jesus equipping it with the proper team, in the right positions to ensure the “body” or church experiences healthy growth. That it would grow healthy, stronger, and larger at the right places and times.


I want to make a few observations from this Biblical passage that certainly apply to what we are trying to accomplish at Newby Management.


  1. Everyone on the team has a job to do! While those “jobs” were very different they shared a common goal.
  2. Equip the saints for the ministry
  3. Edify the body of Christ
  4. Until Jesus comes!

In contrast we all have a job to do here at Newby Management. Our roles may be very different, but they share the common goal of equipping each other to build up the entire triangle of service. Each one bringing greater value to each team member, greater value to every owner / investor, and greater value to the residents. And we find the biblical example to be that we continue to do that continually.


  1. There is an expectation of maturity and responsibility to the whole placed on the entire team!

I hope this would be reflected throughout the triangle of service. Maturity and responsibility being reflected in the decision making and actions of management, investor, and resident.


  1. Notice an important factor here in verse 16. Here it is: All the work we do is not simply for the sake of getting bigger… but rather it is for the “edifying” or “building up” of the Church. As mentioned before here at Newby growing bigger isn’t necessarily the goal. Growing stronger and healthier which equates to more productivity, better stability, more opportunity, better investment, the list goes on and on. The natural biproduct of doing these things right will be the enlargement we often seek.


What a privilege and blessing to be a part of a company where we can bring value to the organization and in return have value added to our lives, investments, and homes!

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